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Root canal treatment doesn’t have to be awful. In fact with us, our gentle touch will have you wondering what all the fuss was about! 
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A root canal procedure that’s almost calming – it’s possible!

Your tooth is throbbing and you’ve just found out you need root canal therapy. You’ve heard rumours from others about ‘the pain’ not to mention ‘the hole it will burn in your wallet!’ Say farewell to the fear mongers – they haven’t met us. Our Hello Dental Dentists treat every patient efficiently, gently, stopping pain in your tooth, and your hip-pocket – with our interest-free payment plans.
Keep your tooth (and budget) healthy
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How we’ll perform your root canal treatment



Our root canal procedure will be spread over two appointments, treating your pain as the immediate priority
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From $950. To see our full price list, get our patient guide


Over-the-counter-medication can be used to treat any discomfort, and anaesthetic will wear off 2-3 hours post-procedure
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What exactly happens during the root canal procedure?

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Relieve your pain

Whether you come to us via a planned check-up and clean or an emergency appointment, our first step is always the same – to treat your tooth pain. We’ll take an x-ray of the problem tooth, determine the cause of your pain and numb the area with anaesthetic before getting to work.

Save your tooth

We gently remove the infected pulp and carefully clean inside the tooth canals. Your tooth is then filled and sealed to stop further bacteria from getting in.

Royal treatment

Your root canal dentist will advise whether you’ll need a dental crown placed on top of the affected tooth as an additional measure to prevent further damage.

Our root canal treatment cost

Our root canal therapy starts from $950 and you can receive further pricing details by getting our price guide.
We accept all major health funds so please bring your card for instant rebates.
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Set prices -
no surprises

Fix your root canal symptoms
(and tooth) today

Root canal pain should be treated immediately, or you run the risk of losing the tooth via extraction, followed by more essential dental work. Our interest-free payment plans will ensure we can fix your dental issue now, without delay.
Borrow up to $12,000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Decide on the payment plan details including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments with your dentist and complete the simple, direct debit form
Borrow up to $1000
0% interest under $1000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Set up your own account online and select Humm when paying your account with us

New patient information guide

Wanting to say hello soon but get all of our info now in the one handy spot? Get our new patient information guide.
In it we cover:
  • Treatment details - we even offer 24/7 emergency appointments!
  • Pricing - we’re always transparent
  • Health funds and finance - ensuring accessibility for all
Say goodbye to scary dentist visits

Your root canal therapy questions, answered

What is a root canal?

It is a tooth-saving dental procedure that removes the infected dental pulp within the root canal space. After, the space is cleaned, filled and sealed, so that the tooth can be retained.

How much does a root canal cost?

Our root canal treatments start from $950, but will vary in price per position of tooth, extent of treatment required, and whether you’re presenting via an out-of-hours emergency appointment.

How long does a root canal take?

Typically one hour, but you need two appointments to complete the procedure depending on the extent of the infection.

How bad is the pain after root canal treatment?

During the procedure you’ll receive anaesthetic, and afterwards any discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. We expect any residual discomfort to go within a few days.

How long does a root canal last?

Providing you keep your six-monthly appointments, your root canal treated tooth will function just like your other teeth.

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