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Dental care for children has the potential to be a BIG DEAL. Nerves, fear of the unknown, curious sounds and strange looking tools, can make just getting them there a tricky exercise. We get it, and that’s why at Hello Dental we’ve made our clinic child-friendly, with a dedicated children’s dentist, a cubby-house clinic onsite, and bike-racks outside to make it a fun family adventure!
Fun family adventure with a dedicated kids' dentist
Hello Dental Dentist

How we make kids' dentistry easy



We say hello and then goodbye to your little one typically all within 30 minutes.
Hello Dental Dentist


Find out about our children’s dentistry costs in our new patient guide here. We are also proud to participate in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.


This depends on the treatment, but we expect they’ll be back to their busy selves in no time!
Hello Dental Dentist

What happens at a children’s dentist appointment?

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Come to the clinic

During their first visit (ideally before their second birthday) we will welcome your child into our clinic with the goal to make the experience as FUN as possible. Depending on their nature - we might make balloon animals, go for a ride in the dentist chair, count their teeth, and if they’re up for it - we’ll do a quick clean. We’ll always be led by them.

Six-Month Check & Care

At their subsequent appointment - six months after their initial visit - we’ll make sure they’re brushing well, we’ll check for any decay, check their bite, take x-rays if needed, clean their teeth and provide a remineralising treatment if required. If at any time during their appointment they’re nervous, we’ll talk with them and brainstorm ideas (together) to help combat their nerves.

Communication is key

When finished, we’ll communicate with yourself and your child about any future steps in language that you will understand - and we’ll ensure the appointment ends positively. We avoid using scary terminology, but we also ensure the message is understood. Your child is welcome to play in the cubby-house clinic again before they leave too!

Seeing our dentist for kids - the costs:

Children’s dentist appointments start from $150 - you can get our full price list here.
For your convenience we accept all major health funds, so please bring your card for instant rebates.
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no surprises

Kid’s dental care made simpler with finance assistance

Dental care for children should be accessible to all. Our finance payment plans(read more about them ) allow you to focus on your child’s dental health and their enjoyment of our clinic without worrying about money.
Borrow up to $12,000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Decide on the payment plan details including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments with your dentist and complete the simple, direct debit form
Borrow up to $30,000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Set up your own account online and select Humm when paying your account with us

New patient information guide

Wanting to say hello soon but get all of our info now in the one handy spot? Get our new patient information guide.
In it we cover:
  • Treatment details - we even offer 24/7 emergency appointments!
  • Pricing - we’re always transparent
  • Health funds and finance - ensuring accessibility for all
Say goodbye to scary dentist visits

Your children’s dentistry questions, answered

How often should kids go to the dentist?

Your first dental visit should be just after your child’s first birthday, and should continue every six months (just like adults) to maintain great dental health.

How can parents help prevent tooth decay?

As with most health matters, prevention is better than cure - so ensuring your child is brushing twice daily, minimising their intake of sugary foods and drinks - including juice, and saying ‘hello’ to us - your dentist for kids and families - every six months!

When should kids start flossing?

Your child’s dental health can be maintained by flossing (in addition to brushing) as soon as two teeth are touching. Hand-held flossing tools are perfect for little ones’ fingers and hands to manage.

What is the children’s dental benefit scheme?

Formally known as the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, this is an Australian Government-funded program that provides eligible families with up to $1000 worth of children’s dental care (specified), over two years. We are thrilled to participate in this schedule as dentistry for children and their families is our priority. You can learn more eligibility by visiting Services Australia here.

When should  my child wear a mouthguard?

Any time your child might experience an object to the face - ball, hockey stick, shoulder - they should be wearing a mouthguard. We have these available in our clinic. Contact us to find out more.

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