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A brand new smile? Voila with veneers!

Discoloured, gappy or chipped teeth can make you feel a little bit ‘less than’. You know the feeling – when someone says, “Say cheese!” … and you squirm instead. It doesn’t have to be this way for you, any longer. Our handcrafted and customised dental veneers will subtly transform your smile, and our flexible interest-free payment plans can make this happen sooner.
‘Stepping up’ your smile, selfies and important first impressions
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Smile Makeover

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Our patient presented with one chipped tooth and another that was discoloured. Our hand-crafted porcelain veneers solved both to restore their smile.

A simple process for extraordinary results



Our porcelain veneers will take 2-3 visits, whereas composite veneers – also known as composite resin veneers – can be done in-chair during one visit.
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The cost of dental veneers varies per type – from $500 per tooth for composite, and from $1800 per tooth for porcelain.


There’s very little downtime, however if you do feel a little tender after your veneers have been placed, over the counter medication will do the trick!
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How do you place a dental veneer?

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Different outcomes for different veneers

If you’re having a composite veneer we do this in-chair using the same resin we use in dental fillings. Layers of tooth-coloured resin (that matches your surrounding natural teeth) are applied over the tooth, set, and then shaped to match your remaining teeth, then you’re good to go!  Whereas a porcelain veneer will see this first appointment used to take an impression of your teeth – 3D and/or a mould – which will be used to create your porcelain veneer.

Preparing for porcelain

At your second appointment our dentist will prepare your tooth for ‘fitting’ your custom porcelain veneer (which is being handcrafted in a laboratory). This may involve ‘shaving down’ the tooth enamel to allow for best placement. In the interim you’ll be fitted with temporary veneers over the tooth/teeth.

Placing the porcelain

We will remove the temporary veneer and then fit your bespoke porcelain veneer over your tooth. You’ll leave looking and feeling incredible!

Our dental veneers cost

Our composite resin veneers start from $500 per tooth, whereas our porcelain dental veneers begin at $1800 per tooth – you can receive further pricing details by getting our price guide.
We accept all major health funds so please bring your card for instant rebates.
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Sass up your smile today

Feeling self-conscious or down about your smile? We can fix this now (you don’t have to ‘save up!), and the cost of dental veneers can be financed by our interest-free payment plans.
Borrow up to $12,000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Decide on the payment plan details including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments with your dentist and complete the simple, direct debit form
Borrow up to $30,000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Set up your own account online and select Humm when paying your account with us

New patient information guide

Wanting to say hello soon but get all of our info now in the one handy spot? Get our new patient information guide.
In it we cover:
  • Treatment details - we even offer 24/7 emergency appointments!
  • Pricing - we’re always transparent
  • Health funds and finance - ensuring accessibility for all
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Your dental veneer questions, answered

What are dental veneers?

They’re a treatment placed over the surface of the tooth or teeth to address cosmetic concerns. These can include discoloured teeth, gappy teeth, or chipped teeth. 

Why would someone choose composite vs porcelain veneers?

A composite veneer is often placed during emergency dental treatment, and is the more affordable of the two types of dental veneers, due to its more temporary nature.

How long do composite veneers last then?

If you maintain proper dental hygiene such as flossing, brushing and attending check up and cleans twice yearly – you can expect them to last up to 7 years or longer.

Okay, so how long will porcelain veneers last?

Porcelain veneers’ longevity also depends on patient commitment to dental care, but their more durable material gives them the potential to last 10 years or more.

Can you whiten composite veneers?

Teeth whitening treatment is not effective on composite veneers, nor porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are less porous of the two types of dental veneers, so are more resistant to stains.

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