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Chelsea Heights’ most welcoming dentists (us!) can’t wait to give your family a gentle check up and clean that’ll leave you all smiling.
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Hello Dental Dentist
Hello Dental Dentist

An easy, enjoyable dental clean and check up

Getting kids (and some adults!) to the dentist can be challenging. We get it, which is why we’ve made our dental clinic fun and convenient for everyone. Hello Dental is your welcoming suburban practice with on-site parking and a ‘cubby-house clinic’ for the kids.

A twice-yearly dental clean and check up will keep your family’s teeth healthy, and our team will make you feel so welcome, your kids will ask for more visits!
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Hello Dental Dentist

Your visit will be this simple



Allow for 60 mins for your first time seeing us - 30 mins after that! Zip zip!
Hello Dental


From $280 for adults and from $150 for kids. To see our full price list, get our patient guide here.


Get back to the super fun stuff straight away, with no downtime. (Save food and drink for 30 mins after your fluoride treatment though).
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How our dental check up and clean appointments go

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Dental consult

First we say hello and get to know you (it’s kind of our thing). We do a full dental exam, including checking your jaw, teeth and gums. We may also take some small x-rays - called ‘bitewings’ - these are typically taken every two years or if an issue arises. We’ll let you know if these are needed - and we’ll communicate clearly and listen to you every step of the way.

Scale and polish

We’ll then complete a thorough dental clean and polish to softly remove any built-up plaque and stains that naturally build up over time, no matter how diligently you brush! (hello coffee, red wine, delicious pasta sauce stains - we see you). We’ve invested in the latest dental cleaning technology, so you can expect to be comfortable…you’ll be surprised how gentle modern equipment is.

Fluoride application

We’ll finish with a fluoride treatment and - if needed - a treatment plan to keep your smile in tip-top shape. You’ll leave feeling ‘so fresh and so clean’, and so happy to have a warm, welcoming and local dentist nearby.

Our dental check up and clean costs

Treatments start from $280 (from $150 for kids) - you can get our full price list here.
For your convenience we accept all major health funds, so please bring your card (or app) for instant rebates.
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Hello Dental
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Say hello to stress-free finance

Because a dental clean cost shouldn’t stop your family from maintaining awesome oral health.
Borrow up to $12,000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Decide on the payment plan details including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments with your dentist and complete the simple, direct debit form
Borrow up to $30,000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Set up your own account online and select Humm when paying your account with us

New patient information guide

Wanting to say hello soon but get all of our info now in the one handy spot? Get our new patient information guide.
In it we cover:
  • Treatment details - we even offer 24/7 emergency appointments!
  • Pricing - we’re always transparent
  • Health funds and finance - ensuring accessibility for all
Say goodbye to scary dentist visits

Your dental cleaning questions, answered

Do you see children for check ups and cleans?

Yes, we absolutely love tiny teeth! We have a playroom (a cubby-house clinic), and know just how to make kids feel safe, secure and their dental experience - really special, every time. To book the entire family in - call our practice so that we can accommodate you together, before or after school hours.

How often should I have a dental check up?

To keep your teeth in their best shape and spot problems early (when they’re easiest to treat) you should have a dental clean and check up every 6 months. But of course everyone is different and at your appointment we will advise you further. The Australia Dental Association has the following recommendations that you can access.

Do you accept the Child Dental Benefits Scheme?

Yes, we absolutely do for eligible children, and a dental check up and clean is included in what the CDBS covers. Please remember to check your balance before your appointment through Medicare. We can process your benefit immediately after your appointment, following payment, at our practice. Head to the Services Australia Government website for more info.

Does a dental scale and clean hurt?

No it doesn’t - throughout your full dental checkup - and the scale part and the fluoride part, we’re gentle, we use modern technology, and you’ll be completely comfortable. Say hello to the dream dental experience!

How much is a dental cleaning appointment?

Adults start from $280, and kids are from $150. We accept all major health funds, and conveniently provide finance options. Get our price guide here.

Want to know more about our dental Check up approach?

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