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Gum disease symptoms can progress quickly into irreversible periodontitis – let’s prevent that and give you a healthy, happy mouth.
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Sore, bleeding gums certainly don’t motivate you to want to clean your teeth. And swollen red gums don’t look great in photographs. Let’s not even start on the bad breath... Our treatment for early stage gum disease will make your mouth feel, look and smell better, not to mention stop this potentially life-altering disease in its tracks.
Healthy gums lead to beautiful smiles
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Gum disease treatment – smart investment, significant outcomes



Our treatment for gum disease will vary per the stage of advancement
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Specialist cleanings called ‘debridements’ start at $250 per quadrant


You might feel some discomfort after the debridement, but over-the-counter medication will easily relieve this
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How to treat gum disease – our way.

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Assessing early gum disease

If we identify symptoms of gum disease during your check-up and clean appointment, or, if you’ve come in for a consultation after self-identifying signs of gum disease, we’ll organise a subsequent appointment to perform a debridement.

Debridement – gum disease treatment

At this appointment, providing you have the early types of gum disease (stages 1 or 2 – known as ‘gingivitis’) we will perform a professional deep clean around your teeth to remove plaque – consisting of bacteria – which has been causing the inflammation and bleeding gums.

Gum disease therapy

To help you manage the symptoms of gum disease, we’ll schedule appointments as needed, provide tips on home care, how to floss correctly, and how to use interdental brushes to remove plaque successfully.

Gum disease treatment cost

Our gum disease treatments start from $250 per quadrant of teeth, and you can receive further pricing information by getting our price guide.
We accept all major health funds so please bring your card for instant rebates.
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 Say ‘ta-ta’ to tar-tar, now

Gum disease – if left untreated – can progress to the more severe, irreversible stage of periodontitis – which we can’t treat, but a periodontist can. If your gums are bleeding you need action now, not when you ‘save up’, so check out our interest-free payment plans.
Borrow up to $12,000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Decide on the payment plan details including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments with your dentist and complete the simple, direct debit form
Borrow up to $1000
0% interest under $1000
Flexible repayment terms
How to apply
Set up your own account online and select Humm when paying your account with us

New patient information guide

Wanting to say hello soon but get all of our info now in the one handy spot? Get our new patient information guide.
In it we cover:
  • Treatment details - we even offer 24/7 emergency appointments!
  • Pricing - we’re always transparent
  • Health funds and finance - ensuring accessibility for all
Say goodbye to scary dentist visits

Your gum disease questions, answered

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is inflammation – redness, swelling and sometimes bleeding of the gums due to plaque build-up.

What causes gum disease?

Bacteria within the plaque remaining on the gumline irritates the gums, causing them to become inflamed. Proper dental hygiene can help to prevent this. Genetic predisposition, smoking, being pregnant, poor nutrition, being stressed, drug taking and other factors can increase the likelihood of gum disease.

What does gum disease look like?

Swollen gums, red gums and bleeding gums are the first signs of gum disease.

What’s the difference between gum disease and periodontal disease?

Early stage gum disease such as gingivitis is manageable and potentially reversible by prescribed debridement appointments.Periodontal disease is identified by visible bone loss through x-ray, and will see you referred to a periodontist, given its late-stage status.

Is gum disease contagious?

The bacteria that causes gum disease can be spread from mouth to mouth via saliva - however this does not mean that such bacteria will cause gum disease in the other person.

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